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Samoan film-maker releases full-feature Samoa film

31 May 2017

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An independent film-maker is on a mission to create and produce more local movies in Samoa.

Anetone Petaia Simanu’s production company, APS Soundesigns and Media, is releasing its first full-feature length movie today in Samoa.   

 Malosiaga O Le Upu (Power of the Word) will premiere at the studios based in the village of Lefaga.

Simanu says he is proud of what they have achieved and he's in the process of opening up his studio business to compete with the larger film companies in Samoa.

“We want to give talented people from Samoa the opportunity to fulfill their dream through writing, acting, singing, dance, performing music and film.”  

Director of 'Malosiaga O Le Upu', Tu'a Taulapapa (in white) on set. Photo/ Supplied by APS Soundesigns and Media. 

Simanu who hails from Hamilton, moved to Samoa in 2009, working with the local television stations as a sound engineer and editor. 

The Waikato University graduate says this is his way of serving his community.

“There’s lots of stories to be told,” he says. “Every village has a story. It’s about pushing the imagination.”

Malosiaga O Le Upu is based on the story of a child’s tough upbringing in Samoa. 

Simanu says the Christian-based movie has themes everyone can relate to.

The movie has been a family affair. Simanu’s brother in law Tu'a Taulapapa was the director and family, friends and the community were all part of the cast and crew.

Simanu says the aim is to take creating films in Samoa to another level.

Samoan film-maker, Anetone Petaia Simanu. Photo/ Supplied by APS Soundesigns and Media. 

Members of the cast and crew of 'Malosiaga O Le Upu'. Photo/ Supplied by APS Soundesigns and Media. 

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