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Sir Toke Talagi re-elected Premier of Niue

13 May 2017

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Sir Toke Talagi cemented his position as the leader of Niue for the next three years, at the first sitting of the Niue Assembly over the weekend. 

The first confirmed sign that Sir Toke would retain his Premiership came after the House voted the incumbent Speaker Togiavalu Pihigia back on to lead the Assembly preceding. He claimed 14 votes from the 20 members of parliament.

Sir Toke polled 15 votes from fellow members (one more than the speaker). 

The Premier elect  acknowledged his supporters and the confidence they have re electing him back into the Assembly and to lead the country as Premier for the next 3 years.

Opportunity was also given to newly elected members of the Niue Assembly to present speeches. Both Mona Ainu'u (MP for Tuapa) and Maureen Melekitama (MP for Mutalau) acknowledged their support from respective constituencies, as well as families, friends and supporters overall. 

O'Love Jacobsen took the opportunity to address the Assembly from a podium set at the front of the House. She acknowledged supporters who gave her the top-polling spot on the Common Roll elections. O'Love also acknowledged and wished the Premier Sir Toke Talagi well in his leadership. 

The Premier now has seven days to appoint his Cabinet.

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