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Solomon Islands women celebrate mobile banking

08 March 2018

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By Lisa Lahari-Williams -

It's the International Day for Women today and with the global theme celebrating empowerment and achievements of women across the Pacific, the day is extra special for women and girls in the Solomon Islands.

Photo/ PRN.

Award-winning business founder of the Premiere Group of Companies Julie Haro, is training her team for new launches around mobile banking and financial literacy training for Solomon Islands.

With most of the population living in the rural provinces, the only way for many people to save money, access loans, and pay bills is through a mobile phone. 

Out of Haro's 46,000 mobile banking customers, 64% of them are women and girls who enjoy the benefits of cutting costs with some basic financial training and a mobile phone. 

In the last three years, Haro and her team have trained 35,000 people, mostly women, in financial literacy.

That's resulted in some life changing moments and it's all come down to mobile telecommunications.

"It has worked. It has helped women to save and there are already goals and dreams that have been realised," says Haro.

"Some of the women, from the savings that they've had, they've built homes."

Julie Haro. Photo/ SIBC.