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SWIDT excited to open for YG concert

13 June 2017

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Auckland hip-hop collective SWIDT (See What I Did There?) will be opening for American artist YG's concert tomorrow night.

The Polynesian rappers from Onehunga were nominated for Best Urban/Hip Hop Album in last year's New Zealand Music Awards and for two categories in this year's Pacific Music Awards: Best Pacific Urban Artist and Best Producer Award. 

SWIDT: (left to right) Boomer-tha-god, Spycc, A.Z.A, Jamal, INF, SmokeyGotBeatz. Photo/ SWIDT.

One of the five artists, Daniel Latu a.k.a Spycc, says the group is excited. 

"We don't really get nervous, we're just excited to keep pushing our music out there."

The Tongan rapper says its a great opportunity for them to perform authentic rhymes for the Californian rapper, YG. 

"It's cool that he's coming to our territory and us showing them how we do it on this side of the world," he says. "That's the kind of level we want to be at someday." 

Spycc says being a Pacific group, they've been able to build on the foundation of family.

"We've been friends for so long, it's just a tight network of people working together to make our dreams come true.

"We don't really want to conform to anything or perceive to be American or anything like that," he says. "We just want to be who we are."

The group will perform at 8.30pm tomorrow at Auckland's Logan Campbell Centre.

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