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Tahiti boycotts Pacific Mini Games

01 November 2017

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By Levi Matautia-Morgan -

Tahiti's Olympic Committee no longer exists after a court case disbanded its executives, prompting the Tahitian government to boycott the games.

Athletes however, will still be able to compete at the games.

Pacific Games Council CEO Andrew Minogue says boxers and rugby sevens athletes from Tahiti will be the only ones to compete at next month's event, but not under the Tahitian flag.

He says the unfortunate circumstances for Tahiti have caused disruption to their plans.

"We were expecting Tahiti with a big team so that’s a lot of people that were planning to compete in the games who are not going to take part. It is very hard for our event when things like this happen," says Minogue.

“All of our member countries need to have a closer think about what it means to be a member.”

The Pacific Mini Games begin on December 4 in Vanuatu.

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