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Tokelauan community in Rotorua getting amongst the Gagana celebrations

26 October 2017

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By Ruci Farrell -

Photo/ Facebook - Ministry for Pacific Peoples. 

Tokelauan elders in Rotorua have been sharing their wisdom around Gagana Tokelau and stories about the traditional outrigger canoe for Tokelau Language Week.

Most Tokelauans still observe the traditional rites that go into building the double-hulled canoes which are uniquely crafted for the open seas.

Retired Tohunga or master carpenter, Vaha Tuielu, says these stories are an integral part of Tokelauan culture.

The 300-strong Tokelauan community in Rotorua are preparing for the dancing fiesta known as Fatele, which starts tomorrow and continues into the weekend.

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