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Tonga business council highlighting success to mark Tonga National Day

01 November 2018

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The NZ Tonga Business Council will mark Tonga National Day this evening by highlighting successful business men and women in the Tongan community.

The After 5 event hosted in collaboration with Auckland Council will hear the success stories of two winners from last year's NZTBC Business Excellence Awards, Eithne Curran and Saia Latu. 

Vice chair of the business council, Sione Taufa, says the occassion acknowledges one of the most important days on the Tongan calendar.

"The whole idea is to celebrate Tonga but in our case, celebrating Tongan men and women... talking about the struggles that they have in New Zealand as business men and women. But also what's in it for them, in regards to how they could enrich the lives of others and how we could learn from them in order to help our own businesses and our own communities."

The event will be held at the Auckland Townhall Council Chambers at 6pm.

Tonga National Day is on November 4.

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