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Tonga officially out of hosting 2019 Pacific Games

03 July 2017

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The Pacific Games Council hopes to find a new host for the 2019 Pacific Games before August.

This follows Tonga's official withdrawal, after a last minute bid to retain hosting rights was defeated in Parliament last week.

Tonga repealed the Pacific Games Organising Act of 2013 last Friday. 

Fiji has ruled itself out of the hosting the games and Papua New Guinea, who hosted the 2015 event in Port Moresby, has also indicated no interest in hosting the 2019 Games.

However, the Pacific Games Council is confident one of its 22 member countries will offer to host the Games.

Pacific Games Council Chief Executive, Andrew Minogue, says they have invited expressions of interest from their members, before next month.

"We'd be looking at a country that's hosted the games before, has those facilities in place and is able to deliver those 16 sports," he says. "I don't think we'll have too much trouble finding a country that's capable."

Minogue says in the longer term, the council will have a discussion about allowing more involvement from New Zealand and Australia.

He says in the meantime, Tonga is still a full member of the council and will continue to participate in all Pacific Games. 

Pacific Games Council's last meeting with Tonga Association of Sport and National Olympic Committee. Photo/ Pacnews Pina Twitter.

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