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Tongan lawyer calls Government to deal with high rates of violence

29 March 2018

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By Ruci Farrell -

A Nuku'alofa-based lawyer, Sione Fonua, is calling on the Tongan Government to reset its priorities in light of the high incidence of homicides last month.

Nuku'alofa's Central Police Station. Photo/ RNZ Pacific.

King Tupou VI attended the National Day of Prayer in Nuku'alofa earlier this week following a spate of brutal attacks and the gruesome murder of six people.

King Tupou VI at the National Day of Prayer in Nuku'alofa. Photo/ Facebook - Tongashow Jf First.

Sione Fonua says drugs and alcohol are at the heart of the high crime rates but Government and Police are at loggerheads over the Police Commissioner's role.

"The drug problem here in Tonga is uncontrollable and the Commissioner of Police is trying his best with the little resources that he has to fight that," he says.

"If it's working together [the] Police Commissioner and the Government we may get somewhere. It's a big problem that we are facing here because the Government's priority is something else."

Sione Fonua. Photo/ Facebook.

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