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Tongan LGBTQI doco premiers in London

16 April 2018

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By Lisa Williams-Lahari -

Nine Pacific nations are in London for this week's Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting, but it's a new documentary from Tonga that's causing a stir.

The feature documentary Leitis in Waiting, about Joey Mataele and the transgender Tonga Leitis, premiered at the Festival of Commonwealth Films at the British Museum in London last night.

Leitis in Waiting. Photo/ Supplied. 

Mataele says the film marks an important milestone in giving a serious voice to issues facing the Pacific LGBT community.

"We're only known for decorators, chefs, doing all the run-arounds for church and family but when it comes to decision making, making decisions for ourselves, we're nowhere to be seen."

Leitis in Waiting has its Pacific debut in New Zealand next month.

Joey Mataele. Photo/ Facebook.