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Top Pacific vocalist helping to mentor aspiring artists

29 May 2017

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Top Pacific female vocalist, Lavina Williams, is using her skills to coach aspiring musicians. 

She began the Auckland-based programme ‘Vocals With Attitude’ last year in April, to mentor young musicians and singers.

Williams says a big part of her training is building the confidence of young Pacific singers. 

"That's all part of our culture, we're not really outrageous people when it comes to sharing our God-given talents," says Williams.

Lavina Williams, former member of the top NZ 90's group, MaVelle. Photo/ Supplied. 

The world-renowned artist uses her overseas experience to teach students how to sing and establish a stage presence. 

"You have to command the attention of anybody and everybody. It's not called ‘Vocals With Attitude’ for nothing."

The programme has recently secured funding from Auckland Council's Creative Communities Scheme.  Williams says she hopes to help more people now that they're sponsored. 

Vocals With Attitude Mid-Year Winter Jam. Photo/ Supplied.

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