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Tributes continue for Samoa's "king of reggae"

16 February 2018

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Tributes continue to flow from Pacific musicians and artists for Samoan musician Ma'ilo Ben Vai who passed away this week after battling cancer.

Ma'ilo Ben Vai. 

The 45-year-old was dubbed as Samoa's 'King of Reggae' whose recent work was alongside Jamoa Jam's Lapi Mariner and international reggae artist Fiji.  

Co-founder of Dawn Raid Entertainment, Brother D, had this to say:

"You've been a wonderful ambassador for our young people and just our musicians in general."

Gospel singer TJ Taotua also remembers Ma'ilo as a great mentor.

"I remember that time we met when I was gigging in Samoa, he really embraced me as a younger brother and introduced me to some of the industry people in Samoa."

The 45-year-old Ma'ilo passed away at Auckland Hospital on Monday night.

His family took to social media to thank the community for their love and support.

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