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Tuvalu community leader calling for more attention to climate change

07 August 2017

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A Tuvalu community leader in Auckland is hoping climate change will be on the agenda of politicians, in this year's general election.

Chairperson of the Reformed Christian Church of Tuvalu, Rev. Suamalie Iosefa, says evidence shows New Zealand could do more to help Pacific nations.

He's urging political leaders to consider the plight of Pacific people fighting to survive climate change.

"New Zealand hasn't been proactive in the campaign," he says.

He's also calling on Pacific journalists in New Zealand to engage in climate change conversations.

Iosefa says he's aware that New Zealand climate change stories do not catch public attention, but as Pacific people, they know what is happening in their homelands. 

"Come to us and talk to us, the people who are suffering from it," he says.

Reverend Suamalie Iosefa. Photo/ Facebook: Teleiai Edwin Puni.

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