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University of Waikato collaborates with Tonga over cyber security

23 May 2017

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The Government of Tonga has signed an agreement with the University of Waikato to collaborate over cyber security issues.

Tonga's Deputy Prime Minister, Siaosi Sovaleni, says it was timely given the recent cyber "ransomware" attack which has infected thousands of computers globally.

An MOU has been signed between Tonga's government and the University of Waikato to work together on cyber safety. Photo/ Supplied. 

The University's cyber security lab will help the Tongan government identify potential cyber risks such as ATM scams, internet hacking and safe use of mobile phones.

Waikato University Professor Bruce Clarkson says the MOU with Tonga's government will help to assess and monitor the risks facing E-Government. 

"Recent events worldwide have shown that quite a few government agencies have become exposed," he says. 

"We have very strong expertise in cyber security. Tonga has recognised that and they have requirements to protect themselves from invasions."

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