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Vanuatu "100% confident" in Pacific Mini Games prep

24 May 2017

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The CEO of the Pacific Mini Games in Vanuatu is confident they'll be ready by November. 

Organising committee chief executive Clint Flood, says venue construction for the games is running on schedule. 

"They were started late but the contractors that the Chinese government has, have been very dedicated," he says. "We would like them earlier, of course, but I'm 100 per cent confident they'll be delivered by November 1st."

Flood says government workers are being made available to aid in the construction, after concerns were raised in April there were not enough staff to complete the work in time. 

"People can come from government jobs and work with us for three to six months and then go back to their existing jobs," he says. 

Flood says they now have 43 of the required 80 workers. 

The games begin on December 4th.

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